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Blackie Collins Meyerco "Rascal"

Oct 27, 1998
I had the privelage of playing with the Rascal at retailer in Tenn. Boy is that sucker sharp! I was unfamiliar with the ingenious little strut mechanism and so was the salesperson. Needless to say, while fiddling around with the Rascal I managed to lop the tip of my forefinger off while closing it. I wasn't expecting the assisted closing mechanism to shut with such force and dummy me had overextended my grip on the little krydex? handle. As I explained to the several mngrs. whom approached me to file a claim after bleeding all over their store...I'm not the litigation type, of unless of course I really get screwed! All endoresments go out to the Rascal just be careful. Afer all "it's a poor craftsman who blaims his tools". In closing, I did not purchase the Rascal but it is a quality piece of work! Watch those fingers!


Ya I noticed that too. Here is a little review I did on it.

The Rascal is really cool. The big brother kinda sucks. And I have a cool story about it.
Blackie was in my office showing me the Strut -n- Cut when he asked me my opinion. I told him I did not like it at all. I did not like the big plastic do floppy lock system or how the blade will chop your finger off when closed. I told him there need to be a release button near the front & the knife needed to be smaller. Well a few weeks later the Rascal was born!

Now it is sweet (of course it is since I feel I helped design it!).
The knife is opened in the same fashion as the Stru -n- Cut which is opened by pushing on the ruff leading edge of the knife in the closed position. Once open the button lock engages. To close you simply push the button lock down and use your index finger to kick the blade back in. Simple huh!

The knife has not been out long enough for me to give you a overall opinion of it's cutting ability.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator