Blackie Collin's Strut N' Cut

I just took one in on a trade. It is very easy to open with your forefinger, but it is a strange transition to a fighting grip. It takes practice. If you are still interested, I have a first production run.
IMHO, it's a pure gimmicky knife. Save your money and buy something else. I've seen this knife before and was not at all impressed. I don't like the way the blade slams shut with authority, almost like a finger guillotine, definite accident waiting to happen if one is not careful. Plus, the lock on this blade must be manually tripped - it doesn't engage when the blade is opened a la a Buck 110. If you don't lock the blade, it is like a giant slip joint folder, the blade may slam shut on you accidentally. Add to all this it's got quite a blocky handle (probably is designed to around accommodating that strut mechanism) that isn;t comfortable at all. If you want a knife that has an assist opening mechanism, check out the Kershaw 1550 Black Out or 1560 Whirlwind, both designed by Ken Onion. Better looking, better made, and more functional knives. Just me 2 pennies worth...

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Thank you both for your input. I'm still young and like having ten finger I'll pass on this knife.
I did manage to cut myself with it both times I picked one up. Too small, to sloppy in the lock, fighting grip with this toothpick (as in SAK toothpick, not AR)? Maybe my hands are too big...
I have a sturt'n'cut RASCAL, it has the a buttom lock that engage automaticily. I actually like it, I play with it a lot, just becareful with you finger, be very careful!! make sure fingers are out of the way!! or else~~~~~~~~I don't even like to think about it!
I have 2 comments on the Strut and Cut:

**The manual locking mech of the larger version Strut and Cut is questionable at best. Why in the world would you want a fast opening knife and then have to take all of that time to lock it? Dex is right, watch your fingers with this one. I once opened it, placed it down for a sec and thought I locked it. I didn't. Could have been messy.

**I like the Rascal. It actually is very useful. It is fast opening, has an automatic lock, holds a good edge and the handle is scratch proof. Keys and pocket change don't mess it up. If you're looking for a gent sized pocket knife, the Rascal is pretty good. I wish Blackie made it the same size as the regular Strut and Cut.


I have 2 of the first prod runs of the StrutNCut Rascals. They have a very high toy factor. I really liked them and carried it for several months - until the torsion bar broke. I took the knife apart to check things out. The problem is the torsion bar is cast aluminum and only has a small nub that fits into the blade. Everytime the blade slams open or close, that nub takes a beating. It just a matter of time before it breaks. This is a very, very weak design. I just can't fathom why such an inferior part was included in an otherwise solid little knife.

I've been planning to send it back to Meyerco to get it fixed, but haven't gotten a round toit.

I really do like these knives - I actually bought my from Blackie himself at a manufacturer's rep day at Smoky Mountain Knife Works. But the cheap torsion bar keeps this from being a useful tool to me.

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Dexter's right about the guillotine. I was real careful when I first got mine, then I got cocky. Luckily, my finger wasn't directly in line with the blade when it slammed shut, it was more of a glancing blow but it was messy. The next day I sold it to my local bartender who wanted to buy it the first time he saw it. Far as I know he still has ten fingers.


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