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Blackjack Knives

Aug 25, 1999
For some strange reason, I've begun collecting Blackjack knives. Are any models more desireable than others, and are they worth collecting at all? So far I have two AWAC's and the Blackmoor 2000. Paul
I hope Blackjack is not gone forever!

I have a mamba folder I am putting new scales on and an Ek bowie as well.

I too would love to know whether their old knives are worth anything. (other than utility, of course!)

Unfortunately they are not worth much and have very little collector value. Part of the problem is many felt that some of the designs where to close to Randall.

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Mike Turber
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well darn. I guess I'll just go after the ones I can't do without. Thanks, guys.
The earlier knives are worth collecting as well as some of the later knives that are a big time pinch of Randall. I myself have sold many of my newer BlackJack's and bought a few of the earlier offerings. I kept a few of the later pieces as well. The ones that are worth money and have gone up in price are the one's with unusual handle materials proto's and models that were made as a test batch and were not put into regular production as well as some of the dealer exclusives. It seems I did very well when I was buyng the newer ones in the two to three years before they closed. My rule was not to buy a regular catalog item. At the time people that I was making a mistake. I have been able to get double or in some cases tripple the price that I paid for them. I do not see them going up much more than they have already though. Also Marbles knives are constructed useing the methods and materials that BlackJack was useing or had planned on useing at the time they went out of business.


Tom Carey
Above all, they are good using knives. They can take a beating and if you learn to sharpen a convex edge they stay sharp for a hell of a long time. Learn what you like and collect that.

A quick glimpse into AG Russell's
"The Cutting Edge" or EBAY will easily prove
Mike Turber very wrong. Blackjacks of all description are briskly selling for prices far exceeding their original suggested retail prices.

Blackjacks are among the MOST collectible of the recent crop of specialty knives.

The Classic blades series was certainly a Randall knock off, but lets not forget about the Blackjacks made for 4-5 years before Classic blades (87-92) that were designs by Moran, Loveless, Pat Crawford, etc.

These Japan made/USA finished Blackjacks like the Mamba series, Warner-Moran, Koji Hara crafted models, and limited edition Archangel chute knives are skyrocketing in value. (as are the more unusual/one off classic blades)

Very few Blackjack knives were made compared to other brands and the quality was/is (for the most part) superb.

Anyone have a damascus Mamba?? (still searchin)
Gee Guys, Mike was trying to do us a favor! I'm having enough trouble obtaining new ones for my collection so let's not promote this any more than necessary.

Dave R

I was referring to the ones he already had. I should of read his post more closely as he did ask for other models to look for. Your post addresses those so thanks for the correction.

I guess I should not answer questions at 3:54AM

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

OK-now i'm happy again! And you fella's leave all those Blackjacks still around to me....I'm sorry I brought it up. I have a feeling it's going to cost me.....
I agree with Tom except that after doing some quick calculating (at 5:30 in the morning with only one cup of coffee) I'm seeing the price of the regular production models with even the more common handle materials going up in price about 25% - 30% a year since Blackjack closed. I like collecting Blackjacks and collecting the production models because they're still affordable. The production models offer plenty of variations on design and handle materials to allow for many "theme's" for one to collect, e.g., collecting all the fixed blade models in chestnut or in stag handle materials. Or all the various grinds of the Trailguide in all the different handle materials and special editions, etc. Anyone have a Yukon Skinner in other than stag scales for sale?
I don't think Blackjack is gone. Just look at the latest Marble's releases. The Sport looks just like a Woodsman and the Buffalo Skinner looks just like the Stalker. A Woodsman or Stalker design with 52100 steel for well under $100, that's too cool!

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Any particular thoughts about the Reinhart Combat Khukri? Only reason I'm asking is I've been holding onto one, unused, for a while now, just because I thought it was "cool" when I bought it. Is it a "user" or a "keeper"?

Don LeHue

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I did overlook that fact. I realized I had done that rite after I read Anthony's post. Something one may want to look for are the Assaults. They came out rite before they closed their doors and I have seen very few. Should have bought the ones I ran across. The reason I over looked it is because I never had a regular production item from them that I kept. A friend and I used to run down their outlet about every three weeks and load up with knives. Then we came back and started selling them to fellow knife nut friends as soon as we got back to town. Those made for some very long days hahaha.


Tom Carey

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