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BlackJack Marauder Mk l - A...what is it?

Nov 11, 1999
OK blade pro's...I just took this blade in trade. It's a 10" Kukri design, engraved just off the handle B/J Marauder MK l - A, Made in Japan. Nice piece.

I understand this company, began in Japan, then was brought to Illinois where new blades were then made. Evidently, they went "belly-up" in 1997.

Anybody know what kind of steel this is (a nice stainless, but what kind?) ...anybody know what these puppies originally sold for?


The Marauder Mk1 was an interesting Kopis/Kukri hybrid designed by Mike Stewart and David Steele.

Aus6 I believe, great handle,m nice sheath.

The Marauders were neither fish nor fowl-fighter nor chopper.....kind of a fighting kukri.

I have a 10, and a 15"...big whoppers..

There were several variants. The knife is worth about 100 bucks...not the rarest BJK, but a good one nonetheless.


"The most effective armor is to keep out of range"-Italian proverb

Is your's the 10 or the 15?
If you are looking to sell it I may be willing to buy depending on the shape it is in. I have looked for these lately on ebay. They pop up occasionally but I have missed the last few.