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Blackjack Sword?


Oct 4, 1998
I remember hearing that Blackjack once made some swords. They were called "Vorpal" Swords, I believe. Does anyone know anything about these swords? Is there a pic on the web?

yes, they did make a short sword called the vorpal. sort of scimitar shaped, 24" overall, 17 1/2" blade, micarta handle, full tang, carbon steel(can't remember the exact type), plain jane leather sheath. the sword was designed by Tom Maringer. at one time i read that they only produced about 500 of these per year and only made it for a couple of years. i can't verify the exact number made but there were probably not alot of them. i don't know of any net pictures of it. i have one in unused condition i'd part with if you are interested. i may be able to dig up an old photo of it also.
The Jungalee short sword looks like a very close relation of the BlackJack."HHMM" One company goes south and then the same basic design resurfaces by another company.
Email me and maybe we can work something out. What kind of finish does the blade have?

RJ I can tell you that there were several varaitions. They even made some that were bead blasted. I always ment to buy when I was at their outlet on one of my many trips there. By the time I was ready too they had sold the last one they had there. That was a few months before they closed up. I looked on one of their old brochures and there is not one pictured in it. If memory serves The Cutlery Shoppe had them pictured in their old catalogs. Hope this helps.


Tom Carey