Blackwood and bone.....

Jun 17, 2001
The only time I spent making these two knives without either comming down or getting over the flu was at the forge. I think it effected my eyes a bit. Could be the reason I'm keeping the bone handled one for myself. Both blades were forged out of an old circular saw blade I bought awhile back. The blackwood one has a 3" blade and is 6 1/2" overall. The bone is a shin bone from a mule deer, it has a 3 1/4" blade and is 7" overall. I thought I'd take a break from the upswept blade and do some drops.....
Like'em both. Great knives Richard. What do you use to finish the bone to get that coloration?

Roger, I've been using leather dye to get the color. The bone is so dense the penatration is mainly surface. It was alot darker but after putting a sealer on it it became lighter when I wipped it off.

Mark, Clean knives out of filthy shop. My wife came out to the new shop yesterday to give me the phone. She gave me the same expression when I worked in the other pig pen. I do have a trash can in this one but it could stand to be dumped......
I like them both. I especially like your work on the furrules and butt rings. Nice and clean coming from a dirty shop. I can sympathize (sp) with the messy shop. :)

Nice work.
Gib, I've slipped up on the sheaths. I'm 3 behind, maybe 4. I'm getting some steel prepped for some hawk forging tomorrow if I can find some energy. If you find some energy out in your mess send it my way.......
Raymond those are great! I particularly like that blackwood one, same sweeping lines I like so much in all your knives. I had to add this to my inspiration photo file. :D
Always nice to see your knives, Ray. I dare say it's getting to the point where anyone of us here at BF could pick one of your knives out in a crowd. Nice lines, great fit and finish... distinctive! Well done. ;)