Blackwood Small Game

Aug 25, 1999
I recieved my Blackwood Small Game today from Neil "Dr. Lathe" Blackwood. It is truly a joy to behold. The scales are red/black Ashe Burl, and have mores eyes and sworls (sp?) than any wood I've ever seen. The D2 steel has been ground to perfection; he truly is a Doctor on the lathe. The tapered tang makes the knife nestle in the hand with an incredibly comfortable and natural feel. And the filework...ahhhhh, the filework. I have yet to see its equal. Although the knife is small (it is my ideal of a "Bird and Trout" knife), I would not hesitate to field dress a deer with it. Until you have one in your hand you can't appreciate how great a "feel" this knife has. It simply fits the hand. Of course it is "scary sharp", that was expected from a maker of Neil's caliber. What I really didn't expect was the sheer artistry of this knife. It's a true beauty. The sheath is no exception-top quality construction and beautiful leather tooling. Perhaps the highest praise I can give Neil is the order for another of his knives-a matching Small Hunter. I recommend him most highly: craftsmanship, customer service, and all around personality are first rate. Five Stars.
You are toooooo KIND! All I can say is, I'm glad you like the knife! I have more of the same wood, I'll set some aside so the Small Hunter will match when EVER you are ready!
I realy appreciate the order and thanks for a great review,

Update in process! New knives, pictures, Sheaths!!

Thank you for writing the (well deserved) review of my friend, Neil Blackwood. I am glad I suggested him to you, and I will definetly suggest him to others in the future.

Lynn Griffith-Custom Knives
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