Blade Care?

Jul 10, 1999
What is everyone using on 1095 to keep the edge from rusting? Has anyone used Tuff Cloth? Silicone? I have heard some use vegatable oil. I have been just using hone oil, whatever I can find. I wondered if there were any new miracle wonders!
Thanks in advance.

Jack Russell
I second Joe's recommendation. Marine Tuf-Cloth, or Tuf-Glide, both will prevent rust on your blade. I use it frequently on my knives, specially the carbon steel ones, and even on the leather sheath, with the humid weather we have here, it doesn't rust.

Most of the fixed blades I have ever owned were 1095, great steel.

I did oil them when I first started out, but promptly quit after it proved to be more of a mess than it was worth.

I still prefer carbon steel fixed blades, but nowadays I just wash them off with a bit of fresh water and clean them after I use them. I use my knives enough that they get resharpened before they lose any noticable edge anyway.

I don't have problems with rust, despite the fact that I give my knives quite a work out and reside in a corrosive environment, Florida. I take them into everything from swamps to estuaries. The 1095 would discolor with use, but no biggy, it's not really rust, and that was mostly from blood(I dispatch game with a knife).

I'm sure that all those fancy treatments help, but honestly, I have found I have a need for them. With the A2 I am using now, I haven't even had problems with discoloration.

Carbon steel is good steel. Just because stainless steels are more corrosion resistant doesn't mean your knife is going to turn into a pile of rust over night, or ever. Carbon steels have been used in cutlery for centuries with no serious problems. They've been used by everybody from mountain men to jungle natives.

In other words, do some basic maintainence, but don't obsess over it.

It may not stay mirror shiny but that is no problem if it is a knife you intend to use. If it isn't, get a stainless blade -- they look lovely.

Besides, out here where the humidity is often in single digits the problem becomes pretty much academic.

Desert Rat

Vaseline works OK although it is a bit messy, picks up stuff. BreakFree works good, too, doesn't pick up any gunk. Mainly I don't worry about carbon steel blades except to dry them off after washing. If I'm putting a blade away for a week or two I might wipe the blade down with BreakFree.
I'd like to thank everyone that responded to my post. My concern was just for the edge of my Livesay Company Knife. I know it's 1095 steel and the blade is blued or powdercoted, but I use it a lot around water and thought the edge might rust. Plenty of advice though, THANKS.

Jack Russell
And no one suggested Rennaisance Wax? It's micro-crystalline, you know!

Honestly, Ren Wax works great for pretty much every surface. I like to prep non-stainless with MAAS silver polish first, just in case there's anything getting started that I can't see yet.

And no one suggested Rennaisance Wax? It's micro-crystalline, you know!

Where can I find this product? Have seen it mentioned before with good comments.
Also the silver polish.


What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?

I get the silver polish at the supermarket. It's a very mild jeweler's rouge.

Try e-mailing I think that's Dennis' e-mail. He's the distributor for Ren Wax, and can either sell you some, or point you in the right direction.

If that doesn't get him, send me an e-mail off line and I'll dig a little further.

You can find carnauba paste floor wax at most home centers. It is what woodworkers use to keep the cast iron tables on their power tools from rusting and it works very well. It works well on knives too. apply a little, let it dry and wipe it off. Take care.

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