blade coatings or not


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Dec 25, 1998
I am curious as to everyones opinions on blade coatings. Do you like them or not? I like the look of a new black t coated blade when it is new, but when they get all scratched up they look terrible. I personally like a nice satin blade, for example the finish on Spyderco blades. They look good and a smooth finish seems much more scratch resistant. I absolutely cannot stand bead blast.
Has anyone else noticed that alot of knives that manufacturers label as satin are really bead blasted? I
I agree with you.

Hate bead blast. Like satin.

BlackTi coatings look cool when new but wear and may not provide adequate protection. Also, coated bead blades may rust because the coating process is imperfect.

One possible exception is BM's coating which *they* say penetrates the surface and provides protection when worn.

Yes there does seem to be a couple of blades called satin but appear to be some sort of fine bead blast.

It's nothing more than a cost savings measure IMO.

Tactical because it's anti-glare? Gimme a break. Does any think he won't see it because the blade is bead blasted.

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