Blade exchange question

Jun 17, 2004
Howdy, all!
This is a question for those of you who have done the BG42 blade exchange. How long did it take for you to get the knife back?
The wait is not an issue. I just worry about things like having the return package stolen, opened, misplaced, etc. And, I do not want to call about it, just for the sake of calling. nothing worse than annoying customers. ;)
I have had packages waylaid before, as well as packages opened and pillaged. So, you never know.
I do know it arrived at buck on November 16th, as I had it tracked and insured.
So, you who have done this, what can I expect?
I sent one in for the exchange in early November. I have not heard anything either, but I would imagine that they are very busy with their move.

I sent one in for an ATS-34 blade the first week of Nov., and got it back in 8 days, packed priority mail, and double taped with anti-theft tape. At the time I sent mine, Joe Houser told me they were out of BG-42 blades, so check on that first.

As far as security, every buck knife that I have had come from the custom shoppe came shipped under an alias, nowhere on the box does it say "knife" or "Buck". If you have ordered from them, you know what the alias is, so I won't post it on the internet, but rest assured package handlers won't know there is a knife in the box unless they know the alias.

In fact the steps they take to make there packages so secure is one of the things I really appreciate about Buck.
I didn't realize that they were out of BG-42 blades. I guess that would explain any delay. Thanks for the information.

That was in an e-mail from Joe on Nov. 9th, they may have gotten some in since then.

p.s. They did an amazing job on mine, I sent in that 1993 110 that I bought in Mt. Vernon with the reground blade, and got back a knife that looks new in the box.