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Blade finishes

Jul 20, 2000
Please help a novice!

I'm confused with these blade finishes.

So can I have lession one, please:
What are the differences with bead blast and stone wash finishes?
Do they scratch easily?
Which one does have better corrosion resistance?
Which one feels a little bit rough in finger's tip?

As a question mark
Here's what I think I know:
Bead blast is cheaper, reflects less light, rusts more easily because of the little pores it makes.
Stonewash is almost like satin finish, but is scratching the blade in every direction to hide new scratches.
Neither one really scratches easily, but I think stonewash is more resistant to showing scratches.
Stonewash resists corrosion better.
Bead blast may feel a little less smooth to the fingertip.
Hope this helps.