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Blade Geometry – Poll


Oct 26, 1998
So, sticking to topic…

What is your favorite overall blade shape, and why? I imagine that most of us like different profiles for different jobs, but what do you like for what you do most?

I like a nice simple drop point with a slight belly. I can honestly describe my knife work as “General Utility”, and I find the versatility of this blade style serves me best.

I would go with a blade that is not too thick, drop or clip point, with slight belly. Either high hollow grind or full flat grind.

I'm torn between a clip point and drop point. For the drop point a hollow grind or flat grind will work. I really like the looks of Rob Simonich's knife displayed on the banner here lately

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Right now I like a drop point, but I could go for the right clip point.

Thing is, a clip point has to steadily get angle away from the center line to meet my standards. Otherwise they snap too easy.

I like an edge that's convex too. Not to an obscene degree, just gradualy so. Cuts a lot better than a straight edge. In fact, I generaly prefer curves over straight lines throughout ever part of the knife. Makes'em cut better and more comfortable on handles too.

Spear points are great, but only on a fat knife, like 1.5-2 inches wide or so.

I don't really prefer hollow grinds, I like a flat, only one that's beveled for 3/4ths the width of the blade. As opposed to a full-flat.

The blade should be reasonably long, 8 inches or so. Maybe 9 on the outside and 7 on the inside.

I like a good generalist blade because I usualy only own a full sized fixed blade and a biggish folder at any one time.

My fixed blade will be used for all the mundane chores as per everyone else, but also as a pig sticker, weapon, and for food preparation.
Flat straight spine plenty of belly, but not forgetting the point.


Clip point, with clip being very long and flat, not concave.

False on top, recurve if it is long enough, applied to both.

Drop Points are nice too, lots of curve on bottom, little curve on top.

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Pointy on end with sharp sides

That's a tough one. It can be very task specific. I am back and forth between a hawkbill (Merlin) and the Spyderco Clip point (Military) as my favorites. The Kasper Folding Fighter would also be a clip point with Persian influence. They cover all of my needs in a knife.

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"Flat straight spine plenty of belly, but not forgetting the point."

I agree with this basic concept. I really like a blade with enough belly to be an effective skinner, but it also has to have enough point to do delicate work. Dozier's Yukon Pro Skinner and Simonich's Cetan are my current favorite fixed blades.

I find myself enamored of the tanto because of its inherent point strength. Running a close second is the clip point for its belly.
I reshaped my Buck 110 to my favorite shape, and I see it occasionally on some custom maker's knives, none of whom come to mind right now, except Gene Osborn of Center Cross Metal Works who describes some of his automatics and scale release folders as having a "slow drop point".
He uses a relatively deep hollow grind which allows the relatively slender blade to retain a strong spine, or at least I think that rational guides the design.
I like the hollow grind on folders because the pivot remains the weak link, and therefore one doesn't lose anything by having a razor edge.
Strong spine, razor edge, small frontal area.

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I'm a big fan of Tanto just like Snickersnee, he's always talking highly about tantos
I agree with Snickersnee in all but one point. I prefer a full height flat grind most of the time. There is however more strength in the 3/4 grind. JMO.


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For pure utility, I have come around to liking a nearly spear-point shaped drop point with a fairly flat, curved edge. A good example is the A.G. Russel One-hand knife utility blade. I like A.G.'s clip blade too. This blade offers a point with a good compromise between strength and sharpness, and the flatter edge profile offers even, continuous cutting, and the ability to cut well against flat surfaces. I don't really care about grind all that much as long as the edge is nice and thin so that it will cut aggressively, but wide flat grinds are preferable.


I have found the single ground Gerber Covert to be one of my very favorite utility knives.


In a big knife, something ground like the Ontario machette; meduim, Ka-Bar; hunting, vanguard-style; pants pocket, slim clip point.

Each according to its purpose.

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I too agree with (ditto) StJames, for the reasons he stated. The Sebenza specifically. I also like the small drop point ala MiniSocom for all around personal utility.

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For fighting (flesh) knives, I prefer an emphasis on point, hollow grind, and a 9" to 12" blade length. Jerry Hossom makes great ones, (his millenium fighter at www.hossom.com is a good example).
For all-purpose fixed blades, the Anaconda knives from Blackjack were perfect. Clip point bowie style, good convex grind, a generally straight edge with a good curve to the end of it. Too bad they don't make 'em any more.

As far as a folder is concerned, I prefer a flat grind or a thick hollow grind. The Spyderco Delica and Sebenzas come to mind.

NEVER ask me to just choose one. It's simply not an option. . .


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Warncliff/Sheepsfoot. The best all-around utility blade, unless you are skinning out game or something similar.

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Guess I'd have to say drop point....they seem to work best for me and usually handle like a bigger than they are blade....and I like a stout spine to go along with it...this is for everyday use!!!

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My favorite would be either a drop or a clip point.

On a folder I like a blade of approximately 3.25" to 3.5" in length, around .115" in thickness, and on the wide side with a nice high grind. Also, a slight recurve is a nice feature. This is what I typically carry on a daily basis and this geometry seems to work very well for general utility type stuff. I also usually carry this type of knife as a "small knife" on hiking and backpacking trips.

On a fixed blade I have found that somewhere in the 5" to 7" blade lenght with 3/16" to 1/4" thickness is best for me. Again I like a somewhat wide blade with a high grind. This is what I carry as a "big knife" on hiking and backpacking trips. For me this size knife handles all the heavier around camp chores.