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Blade Handling Safety Rules?

Jan 21, 1999
IIRC, it was Col. Cooper who promulgated the Four Safety Rules in Gun Handling.

I'm curious if there are the same rules in handling blades.

I'd like to suggest some and maybe you can ad to it.

1/ Never point your blade to anything you do not want to pierce/stab/cut..

2/ Finger off the hole/stud/disk if you do not want to deploy the blade yet...

your turn...
Never, *ever* cut towards any part of your body. A closeup of the inside of my hand, and a few stitches taught me that one.
A Native American rule is to always cut toward yourself. The idea is you have to sometimes, and if you do it that way all the time you'll always be careful, and learn to do it safely. I can't say I follow that rule myself, but it seems to work for those who do.

-Cougar Allen :{)
How many of you got Tote-n-Chip in the Boy Scouts (do Girl Scouts have a similar badge)? I always foud their basic rules of safety pretty good.

Walk in the Light,
Number one safety rule in my shop...keep plenty of band aids handy.....and maybe some super glue if its bad....murphys law is ever present.....
One other important rule. DO NOT play with your knife while drunk, on the phone, argueing with the wife, etc.
ahh, the pleasures of being young and dumb...
seems like every time liquor is consumed in certain company, all the blades come out

of course, this is also the group that likes to take a 3-section staff outside while blitzed..

seriously though... if i can dig up my Boy Scout handbook, those are the best 'common sense' rules out there..