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Blade length legality in VA.?


Apr 14, 1999
Does anyone know what the legal limit on blade size is for a folder in VA.? I'll give the VA state police a call before I go but they are not always accurate or helpful. Thanks for the insight.
I live in the People's Republic of Arlington, in Northern Virginia. I understand that the rule there is 4" or 5", depending upon whom you ask. Not real helpful, I know, but there it is. BTW, if you go into Washington, DC, the blade limit is 3" and, for God's sake, no guns!

Walk in the Light of God,

I did a search a couple of months ago in the Commonwealth Criminal Code and there were no specific limits mentioned that I could find. That's not as helpful as it looks, though; it just means you can't point to a law and say, "Look, this is legal."
My law enforcement buddies here in Richmond tell me that they fold a dollar bill in half and if your blade extends past it (sharp parts and dull alike), you're guilty of carrying a concealed weapon. Even if your clip exposes the knife out of your pocket.