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Blade length measuring ??

Sep 27, 1999

In GA. concealed knife carry is illegal , in Atlanta apparently 3" or more is illegal. I take it 2.5" or less
might be acceptable?

Measuring the blade length on a small folder is done from what point to what point? The whole blade
when open? Or just the exposed area of the blade when open? Just the cutting surface of the blade
or the whole blade including the non-cutting surface? Thanks!

I know very little about knifes! Please recommend a small 2.5" , with a dark plastic body and a dark
(black) clip , blade has only a hole for one hand opening. No protrusions like a thumb screw. If I ever
had to defend myself I want maximum depth , so blade cannot have any protrusion for thumb to push
against that would block maximum depth.

Please post "pictures" of recommended knifes with cost ($$) & store name where I can purchase
such knife. Thanks!
Let me address one of your questions. That of how authorities measure blade length. In recent threads such as ones dealing with airport security experiences it seems that folks will use all sorts of methods. Best bet is to figure they'll measure the entire exposed steel both edge and choil.

Spyderco makes knives which meet your criteria. And if you aren't adverse to spending a bit more to get state of the art materials, check out the limited edition Spyderco Native with blue G10 scales and CPM440V steel. Its sold here as a Bladeforums special. Great little knife that in no way looks tactical or threatening yet can really get a job done.

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IMO, there is only one way to measure a blade.....the blade is the (usually) metal bit poking out of the handle and you measure all of it....preferably on the flat. I have seen blades that were up to 50% longer measured this way than along the cutting edge.

The usual reason for a legal authority's wanting to measure the length of a blade is to decide on the depth to which it will penetrate in a stabbing action (weapon). Cutting ability as judged by edge length (tool) is, largely , irrelevant in most jurisdictions.

But I will bet there is ,at least, one member who has knowledge of an exception

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Different authority figures tend to measure blade length in different ways. The best thing to do is research court cases in your state and see if precedents have been set.
This is going to be a real dumb question but bare with me , I am ignorant as a virgin when it comes to "knifes".

The whole exposed blade (metal) needs to be measured on a flat surface in it's open state? (I know who is this idiot?)

The blade continues under the plastic handle , (where the blade is attached to the handle via srews) this part of the blade I guess since "not-exposed" therefore it is not included in the blade measurement , correct??? (ha ha ha... take it easy on me)

Can someone post some pictures of some 2.5" inchers. Thanks!
The Crack security team at Charlotte`s International Airport measure the knives from the center of the PIVOT POINT to the tip.This is exceptionally stupid, but forget trying to win an arguement with these min.wage protectors of justice! Stay a good bit under the limit to avoid problems with sloppy or incorrect measurements,especially in secure areas.Try a BM mini Mel Pardue on for size.
Good luck