Blade Lock Durability

Feb 18, 1999
I'm curious about the durability of a knife lock, and which one users, through experience, feel works best and for the longest time.
I have heard of individuals who have carried a single Buck lockback knife for thirty years or more. Nobody yet has carried/used a modern-style liner lock for nearly so long. I am not necessarily interested in which lock is "strongest" but which continues to lock up tight after years of daily or regular use. Of course, now there is the rolling lock, the Axis lock, button locks, Neelylocks, etc. It seems durability of liner locks has become a question with many recently.
I suppose this is a question that should wait a few years until these new lock styles have been around awhile. But it seems, especially with locks requiring such tight tolerances (i.e., linerlocks) they may be more susceptible to wear problems?
I'm really trying not to open a can of worms here.
Any replies appreciated. Jim