blade play

Apr 21, 1999
Is the only way to get rid of blade play to tighten the pivot screw? My AFCK is a wonderful knife, theres just a little too much blade play for my taste. I tried tightening the pivot a little, but then its a little to hard to open. Does blade play really do any damage or does it not matter that much?

On my AFCK, what I did was to try to get the best possible pivot screw position that would give it just enough tightness without being too tight, but not have any bladeplay as well. Put locktite to hold that screw in place.

You can also tighten it enough then work on the blade to loosen it while putting oil like tuf-glide or remoil.

As to blade play being damaging... hmmm.. So far, the only thing I can think of is that it would scratch the blade (BT2 coating) when you try to open it. I read somewhere about it being a bit dangerous as well, dunno how or why though...


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I have run into that problem with a couple of knives. No matter what you do, you can't seem to get rid of the play. My opinion is that pivot hole in the blade might be a little oversize or the pivot is a little undersized. I think it would cause uneven wear on the liner lock or you could have a liner lock that doesn't lock properly. Both could be a problem.
I've found the best way to get the best action with little or no play in the open position(just can't seem to make it solid when its closed) Is to open the knife, hold the liner to the side while adjusting the screw little by little until the blade no longer wiggles.
My AFCK is new however so it may begin to develope some play later on..
I was wrong... sorry. My AFCK does display play.. even with the screw really tight. I never noticed the minute play until really close examination. I looked really close at the blade-washer junction and noticed some light between the small washer and blade in both closed and open positions. Even with it adjusted tight there was still some light peeking through. It is probably a problem with those nylon washers. I think I've just chosen my first real modification to my AFCK.... Bronze washers!!

Oh yeah.. almost forgot. I use one side of a cloths pin to wedge the liner so that I can examine the actual blade play. I used to just use my thumb, I attributed what felt like play to the liner moving slightly... with the cloths pin the liner couldnt move at all, this is when I discovered the play, and this in a brand new knife!

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You will spill the info if you find a good source for bronze washers won't you?

Brass washers will work too.

I havent checked them out yet but IBS folder supply was reccomended in another post, I think in the shop forum...oh wait.. found it!

I.B.S. INTL. Folder Supply
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