Blade polishing?

Nov 19, 1998

I saw a picture of a Brend polished auto-Kestrel and fell in love. I'm buying one of the auto-Kestrels soon but would like to get a manual action and have it mirror polished. Anybody know who I can contact about having this done for a reasonable price? Thanks in advance!!

- Kim
George Tichbourne offers this service very reasonable. I haven't seen one that he has done yet but am about to send him one to try. Be advised that the Brend MTs also have a different grind usually, so even though you might have a mirror polished one, it won't be a Brend.

Thanks for the info!! He contacted me shortly after I posted this thread. His prices are VERY reasonable and as soon as I get the Kestrel in hand it's on the way to him.

Thanks for the info on the Breand MTs. I wasn't aware of that. Of course, I was getting it done for my personal "feel good" as opposed to resale value so it's okay that it's not a Brend mirror polish blade. Again, Thanks for the info!!