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Blade rubbing liner...

Here is a pretty basic problem that I wanted to tap into the collective experience about solving...

I recently purchased an M2 AFCK w/BT coating. The knife works great except that,on opening, the blade rubs the liner on the clip side at the spot where the primary edge bevel meets the false edge bevel. Any idea on how to keep this from happening?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


Mar 30, 1999
I have had several knives that have done this.This is how I have fixed all of them:Whatever side the blade is rubbing the liner on,you should torque the blade to that same side.I know this sounds opposite to what you think,but it works for me.Make sure the blade is fully open and be CAREFUL!!If this creates a little more side play just tighten up the pivot screw.You may have to repeat this process several times but it does work.Let us know how it goes!

On my mini coated AFCK, it is prone to rub too. What I have discovered is that the locking liner is strongly sprung on mine such that adjusting the pivot to a comfortable and slick opening level makes the blade loose enough to rub the liner when opening. So I press the locking liner over and then adjust the pivot screw to the same comfortable tension without the liner pressing on the blade and still have no blade play. After releasing the liner, opening the knife is much more difficult, but it won't rub the liner and there is no blade play.

So for me, it's an oversprung liner. It is on the tough side to disengage too.

I should probably send it back to BM for adjustment, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
I had a full-sized AFCK with BT2 coating that rubbed the liner, and moved back easily even after adjustment. Looking at the blade, it curved to the right (towards the locking liner side). That and other problems. I sent it to Benchmade and they sent me a completely new AFCK! This one is even and the blade doesn't have a curve, which would be a built-in reason to rub the liner. The opening is not as loose as my original, but I don't need it to fall open.
James Y,

What was the turn around time for Benchmade to get a new AFCK back to you. I have the same problem with mine...

Isn't it funny how we're all AFCK owners with this problem. I won't go into another rehashing of quality control at Benchmade, but i do wish things would improve - its preventing me from getting a new M2 AFCK from an online vendor, and when company problems begin to affect the bottom line, I hope the BM execs take notice.


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Just an aside. I posted the same question on the Benchmade Forum and the response from Benchmade Support was "We have encountered this problem on a number of knives. We find that the best solution is to push up on the blade when opening rather than sideways".

I am not certain how to take their response, either as a joke, misunderstanding or down right stupidity. I was under the impression that on a properly designed and adjusted liner lock, the blade should not rub on the liner. I am not placing any undue lateral force on the blade when opening and my other AFCK does not have this problem.
Saw the response on the Benchmade forum. They should be ashamed. There are thousands of AFCKs in the world that will not rub against their liners no matter how you open them or push against the closed blade; yours should not be any different. My advice is to send it back to them. From what I've seen, they will fix it and have it back to you fast. I have nothing but praise for their service department, though it's a shame so much of their work could be avoided if they were more careful about what left the factory in the first place.

Roger Ma:
I sent my old AFCK back on June 21 and the new one arrived on my doorstep on July 21.
When I sent it in, I wrote a VERY detailed letter explaining what was wrong. I did not expect them to send me a new one...I'd once before been told they will rarely replace a whole knife...but I guess with all the problems on the letter I listed they felt the best solution would be to just send a new knife. Works great for me! Just be very specific about what's wrong and what you want the knife to be like (and that a simple adjustment is NOT enough!)