Blade Show ;1999

Apr 4, 1999
I am travelling to Blade Show in Atlanta in June for the first time. Inquiring as to the most convenient form of payment for knife purchases.(credit card, travellers checks, personal checks or cash) Also, will be flying, do most ship knives for you.
Many makers do take credit cards and I have not had any trouble with travellers checks.
If you know someone (or two) who are known and can vouch for you most will not have too much of a problem with a personal check especially if they are going to mail you the knife. All those will work at the Blade Show, but I think cash is the best. Hope this is the first of many for you - Enjoy.
Speaking frompast expeirence at the Blade Show, take as much cash as you can manage. Plastic is accepted by many, but cash is accepted by all.

Can you tell me more about the blade show? I am from Jersey and would like to attend one sometime. Thanks
Blade show's are were knifemakers, manufacters'and collecters set up tables and exhibit items for show and sale. Check out Blade mag. or go to

never seen a knive i didn't like

Another reason cash or travelers checks are preferred is that the avoid the 2-3% surcharge the bank cards require.Also,since there is no hard record of the purchase,cash makes it easier to dispense with tax formalities.In short ,paying cash may improve your price. See you in Atlanta!
The comfort inn has some rooms@ $60 a night. Within walking distance from show. Call[800]967-4990 by 5/28.Say you are part of the Kali martial arts group to get the rate.
The kali group will be offering training courses after show hours.Go on knifeforums for details.Hope this helps.