Blade Show #3

Jun 25, 1999
Jerome Anders - Dave's son & a real talent - he will be a great one if he keeps up with this. I will say Jerome has a fantastic teacher but he definately is learning his lessons well because this & his other pieces at the Show were first-rate all the way. Couldn't afford his Damascus Fighter but this is one nice Hunter - it was originally made for the Cutting Competition at the recent HAMMER-IN - workmanship is excellent, beautiful Stag handles - knife feels incredible in the hand - balance is right on & lastly it can CUT!!!



That is a fine looking hunter! I like it very much. If the maker planned to try it in the cutting contest with that short a blade, then he must know he is making excellent steel. I really like the useable ricasso, and think that is a great looking sheath. Tell me it has a rounded spine, so my happiness can be complete!

Does the son or the father have a website?

(Sorry to be late resurrecting this, but was gone 4 days. Can't believe such a fine looking knife didn't generate any comments.)
Jerome did a really nice job on this - the cutting competition was for Hunters with up to 5" blade(?) - Jerry Fisk wanted to do something a little different this year & hunters are one of the most used styles. Figured it would be a challenge & I heard it was. This knife has to be handled to fully appreciate - made for use - looks are added bonus.

Bugs, unfortunately I can't make you completely happy - the spine is fileworked & the edges are chamferd but it is not rounded. I don't think Dave or Jerome have websites - will double-check their business cards tonight.

I think Dave said Jerome will be going for his Journeyman stamp at Blade next year - keep an eye on him - his Damascus is getting reeaaal gooood!