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Blade Show Special

Nov 12, 2016
Hi Guys,

We are waiving the tooling fee for qualifying scales at the blade show; a $400 savings! Right now I have tooling for around 30 scales and a new machine that needs some work. There will be some fancy engineering software and 3D printer at our booth. So if you need anything quoted, prototyped or designed I will be able to help you at the show.

Alternatively if anyone wants to take me up on this offer ahead of time; I’ll cut the parts and bring them to the show. Simply contact me at [email protected]

We do have some restriction:

1 per customer

100 pc order

3/8” material and under

Need a CAD file

Need to be at the show

Needs to be machine-able in a 3 axis mill

The first 5 restrictions are pretty much self-explanatory. The last one basically states if you have a design or material that's not suitable, I’ll let you know.

In closing we are excited about the blade show and hope to meet some forum members! If you have any questions post away.