Blade Show West- who's going?

Apr 25, 1999
Hey there-

Just wondering who's going to the Blade Show West in Costa Mesa on Oct. 8-10.

Who's displaying?

Who's just there to reduce their bank account?

Stay sharp,


Jim O'Young
Home of the Speed Tech "SYNERGY" (tm)
1999-2000 BLADE Magazine "Most Innovative American Design"

Jim Furgal and Myself from Camillus cutlery will be attending and exhibiting at the show. We're really looking forward to coming out for our first BLADEWEST. See you there....

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

I intend to be there to spend what little discretionary cash I have managed to save.

I'm for one should be there to reduce my bank account balance!!
I will definately be there. I of course will have no money as us Navy pukes are prone to fits of poverty. I will, none the less, be there with the proverbial bells on. Hopefully new member Tamishigiri will be there with me. You will most assuredly not be able to miss the two of us.
Hope to put a few faces to some names. see you all there.

Derek Russell

I'll be there behind a table, hoping to help some folks thin out their wallets to make room in their pockets for more knives.

AKTI Member # SA00001
Man, I'd like to try and make that. Dunno yet, but I'd *really* like to see some o' the gang.

Whoa, it's in Costa Mesa, that's not too far from where I live. My first knife show....should be interesting. Count me in.

I hope to be there.

Perhaps this deserves its own thread, closer to the time of the event, but: Anyone know of any local restrictions in Costa Mesa on what one carries around in one's pocketses?

I'm aware of (and daily subject to) the standard California regulations (i.e. you may only carry your katana in its folded state), but was wondering if the Costa Mesa city council has added any delightful "surprises", in the manner of some of the cities in LA county.
If my project at work goes well, it's possible that I could make it. Is there a URL for the show?
I'll be there seeing how much I can lighten my wallet (along with my son for his first Knife show)
A massive contingent from Delta Z Knives will be there (just the two of us...) at table 6 to show our 360¡ Pivotª Executive Knife to the folks who couldn't make it to Atlanta, and to introduce something new for out of state "export" only (unfortunately) and just greet all our friends and fellow knife enthusiasts for a good time.

Barnaby Zelman
PS. Don't forget to bring your plastic!

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