Blade stolen

What does one do when a pesky younger (much younger if you are considering mental development) sibling steals one's blades and then uses the threat to damage them as a means of blackmail?

The knife in question is a MD Panther in an ATAK Combat Sheath.

Tell Mommy and Daddy!

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How about quit using this forum as a substitute for parents. Be a responsible knife owner and keep your blades out of reach of children. Enough said.

Cougar Allen

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Oct 9, 1998
Well, after all, you wouldn't want to use a knife on your little sister no matter how badly she misbehaves -- so being temporarily without your Panther doesn't handicap you in dealing with the situation at all. As long as she didn't steal your belt along with the knife and sheath, you still have the appropriate weapon at hand. Apply it smartly, choosing your target with care, respond to any retreat with pursuit and continued application, and you should be able to achieve unconditional surrender, the return of the disputed property, and a just and lasting peace: status quo ante bellum.

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Well, if she is unwise enough to steal a Panther, she probably lacks the sophistication to hold onto the blade long enough. Patiently wait, and pick up if she loses interest. Of course, the second option is to find something of hers, swipe it, and threaten to destroy it if she doesnt't return yours.

This sounds much more like vile extortion than simple blackmail.


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Sounds to me like this fellow needs to work on his disarming techniques.

If it is "Sister" like almost a Nun type, I think you are SOL. If it is a sibling type, just grab her Barbie and tell her, Barbie bites the big one if the Panther is not shipped to: PO Box 4288....
Well, why not take the obvious approach and ransack her room and all of her space? You don't find it, you get some wicked, evil, mean and nasty satisfaction knowing she has to put it all back together. Tell her next time it will be her social life or something equally important to her that gets the treatment. BE RUTHLESS!! (be real.)

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After I posted I consulted a young lady who is probably not too much older than your sister about your problem. She thought about it a while and then suggested you should take something of hers that she values and threaten to retaliate in kind (which I see Zog and Copfish have already suggested).

Then I gave her my answer and she said that would work, too.

So I guess the expert has spoken, and the choice is yours....

I guess that sums up modern and old-fashioned child-raising methods in general: they both work.

-Cougar Allen :{)

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The situation has been resolved peacefully and the Panther has been recovered in pristine condition.

Thanks for all the advice.

So is your sister still alive? If you threatened the life of your younger sister, with a quality knife, then ranted about it in BF, then I can't say much for your maturity.

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Next time, remind her that the knife won't be covered under warranty.....