Blade thickness 1/8 vs 3/16 vs 1/4


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Jul 29, 2006
I have some knives of each thickness, and wonder if the 1/8 " blades are as strong , practically, as 3/16 and 1/4. for cutting and light hacking, will these 1/8 blades hold up without bending? I am talking about old Westerns, new bokers, case, etc
blade lengths 5 to 7", and some are carbon, and some are 440 stainless. all fixed blade sheath knives. for example I have a really neat 8" bowie , long thin blade, yet 1/8" thickness, made by Linder, another is new Boker with 440c in 6", 1/8 thickness, some are 4" and are prob strong enough with that short of a blade