Bladeforms knife arrived

Dec 20, 1998
To my surpise and delight, I got a UPS delivery today. It is my lovely new Bladeforums knife.
I have two questions.....

My blade is marked 1 of 300...... is this the "serial number" of the blade?

The back side of the blade is stamped Golden Colorado USA... what is the significance of the marking?

Thanks in advance... and thanks for the new toy.
Well let me take a stab at it,if I'm wrong surly someone will correct me.1 of 300 should mean you have one of the three hundred knives that were made.Golden,colorado
means that where the knife was manufactured.Now lets see if I'm right.RS
Everyone of the knives is marked 1 of 300, since we couldn't get them serial numbered.

Golden, Colorado is where Spyderco is.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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It is finally here!!! Got mine today too, it is one great looking knife. Let's hope some initiative is taken by Spyderco and other companies to start using various colored G-10. Thanks Spark,Mike,and of course Sal for making it happen.
Got my Native today as well. Beautiful knife. Perfect late Fathers Day present!!

never a dull moment
Glad to see you guys got them.

Those of you who ordered sheaths, please be patient, we're still waiting on the Concealex.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Ah, I thought that might be it... everyone # 1 of 300..... destined to confuse the collectible market downstream < s >

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Got mine today too.I was pretty excited when I saw 1 of 300.Thought I got lucky.Handles are first class.Very nice knife.I think I'll keep this one clean.Anyone gonna use theirs?Thanks.
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