BladeForums+ABC Direct+Kershaw+UPS=Happy RadarMan

Oct 3, 1998
The October give away has arrived at my door and still smells of the UPS truck as I write this. What can I say, it is an wonderful piece..very smooth and extremely sharp. The assisted open is great! Very fast and gives a hands on feeling (or sense of control) not felt with an Auto. Sorry but no pull-ups, 2x4s, or flame test guys, I'm just going to let my wife use it a while and see if it survives that!
Thank You ABC-Direct and BladeForums for your generous gift. I know where I will be buying my Buck 112FG for my project with Edge Works.
Mike, uh, just kinda, uh, wondering; can a guy win more than once


Wow. Not only does he post, but he replies to himself too
So, I see you've got your formula for happiness!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

Yes a member can win twice. The odd of that happening will be 1 in (the number of members at the time).

Glad you like your new gift from ABC-Direct and Bladeforums. After you play with it some more why don't you right a review in the review section.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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