Bladeforums gets a mention.

Mar 7, 2006
Reading the latest Backwoods Magazine, Bladeforums was mentioned as a place to get good, solid information about knives, from knowledgeble folks. They also had a neat article in there about making an antler, springback knife.

It's knice to be reminded that Bladeforums is a respected place for the cutlery crowd.
Very knice for us knife knuts anytime we get an honorable mention to be sure.:D
Who's honorable??? just kidding:D ; where do you subscribe to a magazine that respects knifers, Amos??
And have you become one of the "plugged in"?:confused:
I used to subscribe to Backwoodsman! I stopped because I live in Los Angeles and can't do 1/2 of the fun things folks do in those articles. I may look into getting back on their list.
Well, they maybe just don't know us. ;)

Charlie, here is the home page for them. Subscriptions are here.

Well, I'm still using the rest of me's computer to check in. With everything else going on I haven't unburied my room enough yet to start hunting down wiring issues. It's weird, somtimes things are just fine and other times blah. I'm not getting in a big rush as it keeps me from spending all my time on the computer, but soon. We're using this time of the Jared moving out (and taking some of the furniture) to rearrange the whole place more or less.

I still haven't gotten around to subscribing, but it is a good read.