BladeForums HI Khukuri anyone?

Oct 14, 1998
Pop on over to Bill Martino's forum and check out the Chesapeake Bay Knife Club khukuri thread. He's looking for those interested in one of these beauties.

Think of this as a pointer post.
Sorry, I don't know if they have a web site. I remember seeing a telephone number for one of the members, but haven't seen a URL yet! I used a number of different search engines a couple of months ago and couldn't find anything.

Those Baltimore guys don't seem hooked up as well as some of the others around the country! Anybody on the forums know anything about the Chesapeake Bay Knife Club?
Judging from the title of this thread, I expected to find people writing haikus about khukris or knives in general. I was extremely curious to see what I'd find here...