BladeForums is a great Forum!

May 22, 1999
In the last couple of weeks there has been some serious flames (I’m guilty of trolling, forgive me Spark) going on. And some spammy topics. That is fine we need to vent and have a good laugh. Some of it is going to far though. Don’t get personal. Read the site FAQ and Rules. Follow them. If you see a thread you don’t like, don’t read it and don’t post to it. The thread will die eventually.

In another forum on another site I have been cursed at, told to die and accused of a mental defect (could be true
) And with 10’s and 100’s of posts in a single thread there is tremendous topic drift. What am I getting at? It could be worse here. This is a great forum with great members. I have learned a lot since joining and hope to learn more.

It doesn’t cost you anything to join, read and post here so think about that when you participate. I think Mike is still going in the red on this forum. I think we should give Mike, Spark and all of the Moderators a Standing O for doing a great job here and keeping such a great atmosphere going.

What are my credentials for proclaiming this among the best forums? I have joined 17 forums and lurked at 100’s of others as well as 3 newsgroups: (what happened to this one?) (ReaderRant) (not what you think it is) (Clint Eastwood) (hi Mercury, Yoda4561)


(V-1, what kind of history forum were you looking for?)

There are thousands of forums out there and I have to say that I think BladeForums is among the best. For content if not for design. Can’t wait for Ver5.39

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-Nordic proverb

Thanks for the nod!

I agree, this place is a great forum. One of the reasons why people post off-topic and drift so much is BECAUSE this place has such a great group of moderators. The sign of a truly good forum is when people aren't afraid to post their feelings (and their anger) with abandon. I can live with a few off-topic posts, I can handle trolls... Spark, James, Mike, and everyone else here on the BladeForums staff do a great job of stopping the truly disruptive in their literary tracks. Be like Saturn's dent resistant door panels... Bend and Flex! In other words, don't get so bent out of shape, just let the moderators do their jobs and talk about knives.

Robert Joseph Ansbro

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I agree about your sentiments on this forum. Great folks, for the most part. If you really want to see the **** hit the fan, then I suggest you play the role of a vocal doctor of chiropractic-to-be on and see how people get pissed! It's amazing how much people get tied up in their undies when you go against their way of thinking, and it's even more amazing the things people will say to you when you aren't face to face.

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Hi everybody,
I have spent many weeks reading BF before registering and BF was a geat source of information for me. Almost all my questions were answered even before I asked them. Without BF I would have never bought some (and that many) knives I did.
I am just wondering - how many girls (like me) are here....
Thanks for the kind words.

The atmosphere I created here was one that I felt would attract, keep and maintain the most people. Our lax atmosphere, in some ways hurts us but the overall picture is we are doing something right.

The flame wars will always be an issue and we are here and will snuff them out in the best manner possible without fanning the flames further our selves. Notice I said snuffed out and not stamped out.

It seems the golden, "no personal attack", rule is just that, the golden rule. Don't break that, and it will be hard for us to find problems.

Otherwise have fun and enjoy the forums.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

BladeForums has become an important facet of my beloved hobby of knife collecting. My heartfelt gratitude to all concerned, moderators in particular.
I second AlaChoctaw's sentiments. Great all around. Becoming a part of my regular day.
I have to agree with all..... this site has changed me from a Balisong "snob", to a Balisong snob with a bunch of other cool, sharp, pointy toys.

Hmmmmmm..... I wonder if I'm just bowing to peer pressure? Anyway, thanks for this fine strained bank account thanks you, my maxxed out credit card thanks you, my screamin' girlfriend thanks co-workers, that now avoid me like the plague, thank you (I guess I should leave a few knives at home)......ooops, someone's knockin'...

WHOOOO BM710 Axis just arrived....sorry gotta go!.......Oh yeah, great place!

Clay G.

It just keeps getting better.


Spark did a really good job while you were gone (on vacation?), so I thought I should mention that! This was during a period of turbulence too!

By the way, how was the vacation? I may be wrong, but your recent posts seem to indicate you at least got to relax a bit. I hope so.
Vacation was great and yes Spark did a great job. Amazing that when I take a few days off (2 weeks
) flames start. Maybe they new I was going on vacation.


Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Blade Forums is without a question, a great place. It has become part of my everyday life! Right before sleep...hehe, and sometimes during sleep, as dictated by spelling and gramatical mistakes

Who would read thousands and thousands of posts here if we'd rather be doing something else?

How can people here actually say "Congradulations!" when someone else wins a contest instead of youself? Hey, it happens

BTW: What ever happened to Drew's "Why else would a bear need a pocket"?

I need a bigger bucket.