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Sal Glesser

Dec 27, 1998
Spyderco produced a new model that is not available in the USA. When the forumites heard about the knife, (from a South African forumite) they requested that Spyderco produce an off color version for forumites.

Spyderco produced a gray handled version that is available to registered forumites only. Since there is some question about Manufactuers using the General Forum to sell wares, please go the the Spyderco forum for info on how to obtain a BF Matriarch. Thank you.
No problem Sal, You can announce this type of item anytime anywhere. Thanks!

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Plugging my review again

A Spyderco Sharpmaker system or DMT diafold rod will get into the serrations and bring it back to top shape pretty easily. I think Lansky also has attachments that will get into the serrations.

Spyderco also offers free sharpening for any of their knives. You ship them (or walk in) and they cover return shipping.

Also, given the intended use of this knife, it's not likely to get dull unless you press it into utility service, train an awful lot with cutting targets, or live in a really bad area

I was thinking utility use until I saw that tip. Now I'm just smiling and waiting for the Green truck.

It still may be a good letter/box opener, if used very carefully.

Where's Hawkbill? What's your take now that it's out? Utility?
OK, folks . . .

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to think of reasons why you'll want to keep your Slim Reaper, when we beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks.

As with the Civilian, the point is too slim for heavy cardboard and anything woody, and there are probably better tools for cutting carpets too. It might well lose a bit of point if it snags on bone for some reason, but most of us would be very happy to re-grind the blade or buy a new knife after coming out alive and on top from that sort fo situation, God forbid.

Just for the sake of doing it, I sliced a bagel with a Civilian once, and it was an awkward and messy job. It's also awkward to control the point for letter opening duty, though its little cousin, the Cricket, is excellent for that purpose. A Merlin or Harpy is better for cardboard or general garden duty. I did find the Civilian a good tool for trimming ivy.

The best peaceful use I can think of is as a specialized "slim reaper," for soft (not woody) plants, and there's at least one commercial mushroom farm that uses the Civilian for just that purpose.

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Um, perhaps, like Lynn Thompson, I have this recurring nightmare in which I'm attacked by men made of 1" manilla rope? This knife makes me feel more secure

That point will actually zip open the tape on top of boxes quite nicely or clip coupons with easy. It lets you drag the point without raising your wrist even better than a wharncliff.

Now, how to justify a belt sheath for it...

Oh man, LOL, at the thought of dozens of mushroom harvesters at work with Civilians and Matriarchs in semi-darkness!!
And Drew's "man made of 1" manila rope"
Thanks guys, I needed that.
Hmm, how about a Photon 2 molded into the side of the knife to make cutting those 'shrooms easier?
Man, Sal, I can just imagine the stupified look from a DA when the defense called it a Mushroom knife! ROTFLMAO

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