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Bladeforums /// THANKS

I too would like to express my thanks. That's kind of the reason I purchased the Blue Native, just to show my support and thanks.

And as my wife says "just look at all the money I saved"(buying knives).
Thanks guys...

I know we have said this before but really you guys make the place we just provide the venue. The pat on the back is welcome though.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I agree, many thanx to Mike and Spark for making this forum an excellant source for Knife Knut information!

P.S. (and fun of course
We could all say that, in fact we all should, even the lurkers ... but can the system handle a thread with 75,000 posts in it? I'm afraid in our efforts to thank Mike and Spark we could end up causing them problems they've never seen before -- better keep an eye on this thread, Spark, and lock it when it starts getting out of hand. We can always start another one.

-Cougar Allen :{)

P.S. I can also thank Bladeforums.com for my new Uluchet. Along with all the information and entertainment at Bladeforums we get a chance at a free knife every month -- usually I have to pay for a raffle ticket to get a chance to win anything....

The Uluchet arrived Saturday. I want to wait till I get a chance to get out in the woods and really try it out before I post a review but so far it looks great.

-Cougar :{)
Yeah, without this place I'd go more crazy then I already am.

Thanks Guys, you're doing society a great service keeping Lucky Dog from going over the edge.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

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There is too many good things about this forum to start listing them. It is my favourite internet site, by far. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable and the sense of comraderie (spelling?) is amazing.

Bravo, to all involved.

"Walk softly and carry a big folder... and a small folder... and a SAK... and a multi-tool..."
Like a kid before their birthday, I get excited every year when the Blade Show comes around. This year will be even better than ever, due to the friendships that have started on this forum.

Thanks as always Mike and Spark.
As I have said before. This Forum is a wonderful, selfless gift to the knife community.

I also want to say thanks to you both for providing such an enjoyable site!! I visit here every nite and love it. I have learned a lot, made some knife trades and just plain having fun!!
Where else can knife knuts and knife makers have such cool discusions with all to see? (and no put downs and name calling) I couln't afford the Native, but I ordered my T-shirt and will be darn proud to wear it!
Thanks Mike and Spark for the great site.

And thanks to Darrel for the great knife (the Apogee is awsome, stay tuned for a full review. I have to occupy myself somehow while everyone is away in Atlanta

Mike, Spark and all Bladeforum members,
Thanks for teaching me so much about knives. Not only am I filled with great knowledge, but my wallet has gotten much thinner as well!!!
I would like to add my thanks also. I am pretty new here and haven't talked to many of you yet,But I have to say Bladeforums has become my favorite place. I have bought a 15" AK from Uncle Bill and hope to have another Kuhkuri soon. I had to give the first one to my wife so I could "borrow" it once in a while.
Yep,she can handle it and you don't want her shootin at ya either !!!

I can see why everyone likes it here.
It is good to see a bunch of people from many ages and walks of life coming together to talk about the Big love affair that they all have in common.