May 9, 2000
Tell me what you like about BladeForums, and why. Also what you do not like or think could be improved, and how you would go about making those improvements.
I have nothing to do with BladeForums, other than to enjoy very much my time spent here. This is just something that interests me.
I love this place. I think it is great that you can talk to famous makers and other knowledgable knife folks. You always hear about the new stuff here first. Many of the best manufacturers have web forums here too. I don't know that I would change anything..

"one life, one knife"
The ONLY thing I would change is to make the search engine capable of searching through all of the forums in a single search. Currently, you have to select each forum individually. This can take a while if your search topinc could be found in several forums (as have several of mine). Having run a web sight with an integral search engine, I know this takes up system resources (mainly memory during indexing). Still, it's possible (I've seen it on other forum sites) and would be nice to have.

Great site, best knife info on the net, fast communiction, nice people. Definitely A+, nuff said!

"Peace is not without conflict; it is the ability to cope with conflict" - Leo Giron
I like the fact that whatever question I ask, there is at least one person and usually many more who can give an answer. Even though one answer is given others will either reinforce it or argue against it with reasonable perspectives so that I can arrive at my own logical conclusion.

Sometimes the discussions get a little hot but I think it is a family attitude, in which one time people may adamently disagree and at another they are on the same side.

The final outcome is that people are here for their love of knives. I would like to be able to make them, but I realize that it takes a certain amount of artistic creativity to really make the knives that everyone oohhs and aahhhs about. I guess if I made the knives it might take away a certain amount of pleasure from them.

The only thing I would change More FREE knives.
We used to be able to search the whole website at once, but Bladeforums got too big for the hardware ... Bladeforums keeps getting too big for the hardware and it keeps outgrowing one hardware upgrade after another....

There's a program called Webferret that can search this or any website and it runs on your computer so you don't have to share resources:

-Cougar :{)

BFC gives the makers/designers/manufacturers an open communication line with the ELUs of their product. It also gives us the opportunity to compare notes and experiences. And it's just a great place to hang out.

I tend to agree that I would change very little about this forum. I believe in the free exchange of ideas, even if sometimes the debate gets a hot and heavy. It is only when people resort to insults that I sometimes wish people would think before they post. Then again they probably do think, and feel very strongly, but that does not excuse insults.
These are just some of my thoughts and opinions. As I read more of what you have to say, I am sure that I will think of other things to mention.