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Blade's throwing knife?

I do not remember the throwing knife, but didja catch the BM 3500 that his "Mom" used?

Hopefully she carefully opened a letter, so the edge didn't chip!
Just kidding, I have one, they sure are pretty!

I didn't see the movie, what does the "Mom" do with her 3500?


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She cut off Wesley Snipe's shirt. It was towards the end of the movie. Good movie, BTW, well worth the $2 rental. It could have been better, but for a good for a hack'em'up.


Blade's throwing knife probably wouldn't make a very good thrower in real life; movie magic made it seem really neat, but the design looked a little unworkable. I seem to recall that it spun around in complete circles reminiscent of Xena's Ultimate Frisbee. Also, if I remember correctly, a copy of the Blade sword can be had from the maker, Tony Swatton, for only a couple of thousand dollars or so. The folks over at www.swordforum.com were talking about it.

You mean if I buy an S shaped throwing knife, it wouldn't return to me if I threw it (not that I would catch it)? Oh well, it looked neat anyway.