May 20, 1999
Which blade is better for every day use? I am going to buy a Military in either plain or serrated? Can anyone help?
Shane, serrations- made for wire, rope, fiber and flesh but good for everyday stuff.

Plain is good, serrations might not even have that much more advantage.

Military as a trend is cheaper in plain blade.

Also, do you have a sharpener that can deal w/ serrations? Because, sharpening serrations is different from plain blade.

I always prefer a plain blade over serrations. Serratins rarely come into use for me, and they are too difficult and time consuming to sharpen for me.
And I thought someone was looking for me.

If sharpened the right way you can almost get the same performance from a plain edge as a serrated. If ya read Joe's Sharpening FAQ, I believe he talks about it in there. You sharpen the plain edge with a coarse stone, leaving the edge with a "rough" edge that has more bite.