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BLADESHOW announcement...

Discussion in 'American Kami Custom Blades' started by manghu67, May 26, 2016.

  1. manghu67

    manghu67 American Kami Custom Blades / Knifemaker

    Oct 24, 2000
    Here are all of the non-folding models that I'm bringing to Bladeshow. Pictured is one of each model for sake of simplicity and clarity. A variety of other color combinations for each of these models will be available, but there is no color combination duplication across a particular model. I will post a separate pic of the folders once they are finished.

    Brothers at RMJ Tactical, Bawidamann Blades, and myself are occupying a three booth pod this year, #619, #621, and #623. I am listed in the program as American Kami Custom Blades, booth #621. Actual location is booth #623 along with the Bawidamanns. RMJ has #619 and #621. We will even be be giving a little real estate to our homeboys from Artificum Solis. Team Superbooth 2016. We should be hard to miss. Be there or be square.

    Oh, and I'm probably not going to be setting up on Sunday. That's my day to recover, walk around, and talk with people.

    Hope to see you guys there!

  2. Tromatic


    Feb 20, 2016
    Art, all of them.

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