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Blaze orange Handle material...Micarta ?

Apr 14, 2000
Iv'e had a chap ask about making a hunter for him with Blaze orange slabs. Seems he has lost a couple of blades in the bush and
fiqures it will make it easier to spot.
Does anybody know if micarta or any other handle material can be obtained in this colour.
Thanks Jim Ziegler
I just checked the site and they don't list orange. I am positive that I have seen orange G-10 before. It was on a very small version of Kit Carson's U2. The knife was done up for a whitewater rafter.
am quite certain that you can get nylon in orange......I think gerber used to use it a long time ago.
Several years ago I was working on a job where the power company had a crew. They had 4'x8' sheets of 1/4" thick orange plastic material they used for insulation. They were good enough to cut me a chunk. I have no idea what it is, but it's harder than PVC. It's rugged stuff, and I plan on making a knife handle of it someday. Anyway, maybe your local utility company uses the same stuff and you could bum some off them or they could steer you towards where you could get some.
Kydex is available in orange, and when thick enough (1/4"), makes a great handle, much like nylon. I am checking into it for a diving knife I am making. If anyone wnats to get rid of some, or split an order, drop me an Email.

Chris Hatin


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Problem with Kydex is, your going to have to sell your car to get some. I am currently working on doing a mass purchase of Kydex directly from GE and the best price I have been able to get for Kydex 100 is about $75-$78 per sheet. And thats for .060". Your looking at about $500-$700 for that one knife handle. If you can find it in less than a full sheet go for it. But good luck, its not easy.


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I just picked up a bunch of scraps of corian counter top yesterday. I think they do make other colors than the ubiquitous off white, but orange????? I doubt it.

Peter Atwood

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I think you can dye nylon with RIT brand dye. Soem wookd working supply places sell block nylon and other white plastics like nylon which can be dyed.

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For what its worth, I recently did a knife with a beautiful stag handle (stick tang). In trying to add "just a touch of amber" to the stag I tried some Fiebings light tan leather stain. Turned that handsome piece of stag into a blaze orange, bright hunter orange, whatever you want to call the color that ruined the stag. I tried to bleach it out, finally ground it off, but in doing so, I took off all the ridges and texture and still had streaks of orange in what now looked like bone. You might want to try that on a scrap piece of bone or poor quality stag. It sure wouldn't get lost anywhere!
Thanks for all the suggestions guys.
I'll check with the hydro/board of works dept., in the morning . They have been helpfull in the past,(you should have seen the look on the Chiefs face when I pulled into the parking lot with a 45 gal "burn barrel" sticking out the trunk of my cruiser).
The Fieblings and RIT dyes sound interesting as well. I know it sounds like a terrible thing to do to a nice piece of stag but it just might work out in this instance.
Thanks again. Kraut
Kraut, you might want to consider making your own. The fabric stores carry linen in blaze orange and I would thing that laminating that with black would make a really interesting grip.
I think I have seen that plastic dip stuff in orange. You know the stuff for coating the handles on tools to make them more comfortable. I also saw some sort of coating for basketball hoops that was rubbery and orange, but I can't remember where I found it.