Blood letting...

May 12, 2001
Hi fellow Khukuri fans,
just wondered if anyone follows the tradition (if it's true) of cutting themselves whenever they draw the khukuri. I ask because everyone at work who's seen my new Ang Khola says I should do it. Are they right, or do they just hate me??
I had heard of this "tradition" in connection with the arabic knife carried by many of the Bedouin peoples, as well as the Khukri. The preferred method, supposedly, was to prick a finger on the small protrusion in the "cow's hoof" cho. Now, this cho pattern is the most common, but hardly the only one out there, and on my blades it isn't sharp enough to accomplish much. The information on the HI site states that the actual use/significance of the cho is lost way back in antiquity, and this is information that comes from a group that includes the Royal Kami. Maybe the best thing to clear the air is to offer the blade and sheath to the next guy who makes this statement, and ask him to do it for you. You probably won't hear it again.
With friends like that, you might do well to cultivate a few trustworthy enemies. At least you'll know what the're up to.

BTW - My personal bloodlettings with with the Khuks have been more clumsimonial than ceremonial :0(

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Welcome to the cantina jeff barton

Don't worry the really evil blades find a way
of tasting your blood without you remembering having offered it.
The blood letting story isn't true. Some body who didn't really know anything about khukuris or gurkhas made that one up. If a gurkha drew his khukuri in combat there would be some blood letting but it wouldn't be his own. This story goes along with if you throw a khukuri it will come back like a boomerang. The local gun museum (which has 3 khukuris) even says the cho is a site????? I'd like to see how that works!!
Walosi, Jeff, and Terri are right.

What they don't tell you is that each khuk is different, and each has it's own personality. Learn to listen to it. What kind of pesonality? Intangible. The more you use it, the more bonded you become, so if a spirit isn't noticeable, you may just need to get to know it better.

My pet 12" Sirupati is named after the star of the musical "Little Shop of Horrors", the extraterrestrial carnivorous bloodsucking plant "Audrey". Listen to the plant in the musical demand "FEED ME", and then pick up my little Audrey, and hear her demand the same thing, and it will all be perfectly clear.

Seriously. The khuks blur the point at which reality is normally considered fixed and straight-forward. But every culture has legends about the spirit of the steel. Down the road you'll be telling me about it, so just don't jump to conclusions and keep an open mind and heart.

"Let us consider that we are all partially insane. It will explain us to each other." Mark Twain

I imagine the VAST majority of khukuri's have seen plenty of tree sap and not a drop of blood.

My old great-uncle ran across a Turk soldier who practiced that tradition with his knife. I have a feeling it occurs to fighters of all persuasions to do it.

I don't think it's a completely bad idea. Certainly makes you think twice about drawing a blade for a silly reason if you know you have to pay the knife for your stupidity. I think those little rituals, over time, can make a difference.

Now if only we had a tradition that you have to shoot yourself if you engage in a drive-by, think what a wonderful world it would be.

Man, I'm too young to be that vitriolic. I'm going to bed.

Safe night, all.
Dear Group,
Many thanks for all your replies. That eases my mind somewhat. I am fairly well versed in the occult and have a feeling that this particular Khuk likes me...but I haven't used it yet
We shall see, but the vibes are affectionate so far.
Dear Uncle Bill,
Thanks for the warning!
At the risk of appearing like a creep, I'd also like to say that I've been reading and looking at your adventures in Nepal, and just want to say well done on the way you do business. It is a factor in people choosing to deal with you rather than other companies.

Best wishes,

I would worry about the term "little" when it comes to these kuks and blood. With my 20" Kobra, I can tell you right now, if I ever cut myself it will not be a "little" boo-boo. It will be more like "Holy S*** where the H*** is my freaking leg!!!" The same scenario for my 12"AK would be a forearm or hand at least.

A little blood is better saved for things like papercuts and shaving nicks... not HI kuks. These are serious knives for serious nut cases...umm, I mean men.
Jeff, your points about doing business with Bill are right on. There are lots who agree.
They hate you at work.

I am far too squemish to follow that ritual everytime I take the khukuri out. Besides I can't afford that many bandaids.

Dear Rusty,
I've decided to name my blade Kallisti, which is greek for 'to the prettiest one' apparently. I have been admiring 'her' tonight and she's taken residence by my bedside. Still feeling the power of the thing (I have over 30 knives, and none have this effect), potent is the word. Even bigger bladed weapons have not produced this effect. Is it the shape? or something more....I would bet it's something deeper.
Keep cuddling your khukuris folks,


the next step is to get a small bottle of Kama Sutra "pleasure garden" oil and add 3 teaspoons of clove oil to it to get my "Choji Sutra" oil.

Apply liberally to blade, handle, leather of scabbard and inside of scabbard.

P.S. - Audrey says be sure to tell Kallisti hi for her.

"Let us consider that we are all partially insane. It will explain us to each other." Mark Twain


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Dear Rusty and Doc,
Yes, it's to late for me now. Love is a strange beast....
I will try your Choji Suta oil recipe, Kallisti's already looking forward to it, and she says hello to Audrey as well.

Jeff and Kallisti.
Uncle Bill:
We must continually be on guard against the "normal people" - they will take over the world, and ruin it for the rest of us.

They're coming to take us away, HaHa.