Bloooooooood on the carpet !

Oct 16, 1998
Hello and happy new year !

Let's talk about blood sight...

I have the chance to be in a lot of knife show in Europe and USA where I have been chating about knife fighting and fighting technics.
I have been also the witness of a lot of "knife gesticulating". (Timber !!!)
Of course there is some experts...

To often, I have seen a kind of panic when someone clumsy cut itself while taking knife on a table.
(Some table holder are really messy !)

Blood sight ! That's critical. I have seen some guy bleeding for 10 minutes before someone cured him.

First aid. This seems to be a major lack of "warriors" .
That's really important, as far as I am concerned, to learn human body and how to stop blood. Because if one of these days you are wounded, you will be happy to know how to...well... remain conscious.


Fred Perrin adapted by Nemo

PS: Chating around, I have heard a lot about angles, blade and "you don't know how I am baaad" design.
But all of this is pointless if you got the occasion to really test your knife.
Try it in the slaughterhouse !
It's where I go sometime with my students.
Fred and JM

A guy came into the gym locker room the other day with a bloody nose and you would have thought it was a chemical warfare attack. They called out the hazmat team with rubber gloves and masks to wipe up the drops of blood on the concrete. I agree that everyone should know how to stop bleeding... but you need to be a little careful around other people's blood.
Which reminds me, I recently nicked myself doing something stupid (is that redundant?) and when I mentioned to the bystanders that it was OK because I was HIV negative, they all sort of backed up and gave me this worried look. I guess they just never made the connection that it could be anybody.
That's the reason of the "Redscarf" pseudonym ?

Just kidding.

But as edge tools gesticulators we should really be informated about first aid.