Blowing a 2 X 72" belt

Aug 30, 2005
I've read before that when you blow a belt is sounds like a gun being fired. I found out tonight first hand what it sounds like. Before it blew it made a thrashing noise for 3 or 4 seconds as it was shredding which gave me time to move away and then it blew. As loud as a gun shot it scared the crap out of me. I'm new at this so everything is a learning experience. Now I've learned about blowing a belt and I hope it doesn't happen again. More good fun in the life and career of a knifemaker.
Jan 2, 2006
:yawn: Well it will happen again one day. It is a learning experience. I blow one as well a long time ago. We all do that. Be safe and stand to one side when you can. When I blow my frist belt I did not make it to the restroom in time. But I went right back out there and went to work. It happends to all of us. God bless and be safe.

Nov 25, 2000
Yep, always gets the old ticker revved up a bit when they go off in your face.:eek:;)

I had a student here last year and I heard the belt start to let go, the same somewhat shredding noise you described and tried to shove the student out of the way and he fought me, until it blew. Sounded just like a .45 at face level. Slapped him a couple of times too. Made a believer out of him, for sure.;):D
Apr 16, 2004
Yep, when mine snap, I always seem to get smacked in the face! As I am an excitable kind of guy, that never fails to just scare the hell out of me. The only thing that topped that was putting the final buff on a Bowie and a stray piece of the soft wheel came partially loose, grabbed the knife and slung it around the wheel an estimated three times, whapping the heel of my hand once real hard. Luckily, the knife was undamaged (had foam padding on the floor underneath the buffer for that very reason, hoping I never had to rely on it!), but my had was sore. Very lucky I did not loose a finger or chunk of my hand. I just picked up the knife, turned off the buffer and walked out of the shop to gather my thoughts...went back the next day, as you need to do as well.

These things happen to all of us, and really, about all we can do is try to keep this stuff to a minimum and take all the precautions we can.

Take it easy!

Jul 24, 2003
Yep that'll wake you right up! I realized the other day that when I start my grinder I now stand to the side in case the belt wants to do wonky things. I never did that until I blew a belt. I must have just subconsciously started doing that. Something about not wanting to grind my face I think!

This is why I don't sit when I grind. With my luck I'd freak out when the belt goes and flip myself right off the chair and onto my head!



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Aug 14, 2001
My last blown up belt was a brand new, unused 36. Knocked the glasses off and road rashed cheek and bare arm. I especially like it when they roll over your shoulder, and actually hit the floor rolling for a few feet, despite the break! :rolleyes:

Like Oswald used to say..."Ahhhh, good times!" :D

Tom Militano

Feb 27, 1999
I had on go a couple of days ago. I'm just glad I was wearing a hat and safety glasses, because it took my hat off, not very gently either.
Aug 27, 2004
You are lucky if they make those funny noises prior to exploding. I have had a couple that gave no warning....... just.......... Kablooooooie........... right in the face.

When that happens, you can't salvage your drawers. Throw them away, and get some new ones. :D