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Blue Agate Hill Jasper

Discussion in 'Art In Stone' started by Redrummd, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Redrummd


    May 21, 2007
    In early November I went on a trip to Gerlach Nevada, to go hunt for the source of some brightly colored Jasper that I had found a lot of "chips" of in the trip to Nevada in late July - early August.

    I never found a specific source for the Jasper pieces but I did find quite a few pieces large enough for use on Buck 110's and a lot more big enough for smaller knives. I did figure out that the Jasper appears to be only in a band of probably less than 100 feet by elevation over a range of about a mile. So, I am thinking they form as nodules. They are always in the same area as the "blue" agates that the hill is know for. I was not looking for the bleu agates but did pick up a few as they are all too small for use on knives with most being .5 inch across or smaller.

    So, here are a few pictures of the bright Jaspers and a couple of a "blue" Agate I found. I did find two pieces of the jasper that look pretty similar to rooster tail agate out of Mexico and some that has a blue veining that makes the stone look like Dinosaur bone. So far none of the blue veined pieces have had sections big enough for knives.

    I have cut the pieces I think were the best and figure I should get at least 10 Buck 110's so I should at least break even on the cost for the trip. I have 3 full five gallon buckets left to go through but most of the pieces will be too small for Buck 110's.

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