Blur Spot!

May 4, 2002
I was going to go directly to the black ENER-G and skip the Blur because I wasn't sure I could deploy the AO with just the stud. Changed my mind because I very much like stonewashed blades and S30V is hard to pass up for this price. I got one (black S30V)and like it very much. Not only does it look good with it's black handle/stonewashed blade, but it sits well in my hand. It's comfortable when cutting, the aluminum handle doesn't feel metalic because of the soft inserts and rounded edges. We spent a long weekend at the beach, so I took the Blur with me and ran it thru the "hoops". IT PASSED

I did a few tweeks to it to make it "mine", I will take pictures and post more tomorrow. :thumbup:
Sep 27, 2007
Nice pick Gullwing:thumbup:

The Blur is a model that comes in many configurations and works and looks great in all of 'em! Glad to hear you you're happy with it. You could spend a lotta time and dough trying to collect them all:D Trust me.

The Black ENER-G II is also one helluva knife that shoud NOT be overlooked.