BM 350, how is this.

Mar 19, 1999
hello forumites, i'm interested in this knife, but i need some info, does this knife have double liners, and also, in your opinion, is this a solid knife.
I got a pretty good deal on one at a gun show....wasn't looking for one but it felt nice. It's a very fast opener. Pain in the butt to sharpen with a Lansky-type sharpener because of the blade grind. Lightweight enough to carry without making my plumber's crack longer. It has funky copper(?) bushings at the pivot. I don't think it has 2 liners. Can't find mine now or I would look.

Not nearly as nice (nor as expensive) as the BM Boguszewski Spikes.

Nice knife for the money, though.

Get'll like it.

Rage, the 350 has a liner on the non lock sides, but it appears to be only half the width of the handle, seated away from the opening.

I have recently re-evaluated this knife. I was not impressed by it at first, it has a very thin blade, the false edge making it even thinner. The liner also seemed thin, and the Zytel did not have a very good feel. It has a distinct false click when the tang slips off the ball detent, in the almost open position, very tricky and decieving. I had been using it as a letter opener.

I read a thread describing a custom knife maker who made gentlemans folders with an extreamly strong liner lock. One of the features noted were the oversized copper wahers that held the pivot area together and kept the blade from twisting loose, disengaging the lock. This brought the BM350 to mind, as it has similar washers.

Long story shortened, I gave the little sucker a test, and was not able to get the liner lock to budge. I put as much pressure as I dare, for fear of snapping the blade, but that thin little liner would not move.

I was impressed, but still am not crazy about the knife, for the other reasons listed above. Also, see the thread titled "interesting liner lock failure" as it seeems they might have problems with dirt and lint as well.

I had one as a daily carry for about a year.
I think it is a very good knife. It has a very distinct click when the lock is engaged, comfortable carry (light weight), feels good in the hand, and the price is good. Sometimes having a thin blade is a plus. I never had any problems with the lock but because the handle is closed it can retain dirt and dust, just blow it out once and a while.
I personally like this knife, and carry it almost every day. I like that it has a fairly slim profile. And the thin blade seems to be up to the tasks that I perform with it. Also it is easy with the Spyderco sharpener to get it to be razor sharp. I also think that it is a very fast opener. But at the same time it does not open unless you mean it to. I have trouble getting it to open by just flicking it, but using the thumb stud it opens really quick. The screws will come loose if you do not use some locktite on them. But after you "glue" them they will stay where they are supposed to be. I personally like this knife alot.

My daily carry knife. Not because it's my favorite but because - with clip removed <=2oz. weight, very slim profile, didn't fail liner lock test, fits into my back pocket very well, and fills my daily needs for a pocket knife.
If it fits your needs, see above, for the price, ~ <$50.00 on the Inet, it's great. It's not "perfect" by a long shot, but it is a nice knife, IMO.