BM 350, how is this.

Mar 19, 1999
hello folks, how solid is this knife, and also does it have double liners, and how fast does the liner wear.
I have the 350BT plainedge and though I do not consider it a really hard-use knife, it's a lot more solid than it appears at first. The whole outer shell is Zytel, but is reinforced with stainless steel liners.
It's not my everyday main carry, so I can't comment yet on liner wear; however, as the blade at pivot point is nearly flush with the liners, if the liner works itself all the way over, it won't 'stick' and become a fixed blade. The liner on mine snaps all the way over anyway and is rock-solid.
I consider it mostly as a nicely-done, low-key gentleman's knife.
I agree with Jim, its a well made inexpensive folder. One time while examining a 350, I thought I saw phosphorus bronze washers used in the pivot area, thus the super smooth blade action. Is Benchmade still using bronze washers in this one?

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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Dexter, The one I have has the same washers. Bronze, eh. They make it tough to tork the knife, I am pretty sure I could snap the blade well before the liner lock pops out of place.

Mine has bronze-looking washers as well. So that's what that is!
Oh, by the way, I've read posts in the Benchmade forum where some people were having problems unlocking the liner as it does not extend out too far. I use the thumbnail to push at around the second serration of the liner and have no problems.