BM 3500 Mel Pardue

Oct 3, 1998
Hey Dexter,
Blues told me you really liked this auto. So do I. Got three of them and can't really explain why other than I REALLY like them, and one has a Black-T coated blade.
You've got to try this knife clipless !
Just by its removal, the "felt" handle thickness shrinks by 50%. And, all of a sudden, the whole sensation of holding it becomes more enjoyable.
If you don't like it, reinstall the clip and feel sorry for me. If you like it w/o, let me know and i'll mail you some screws to fill the holes.
The clipless rig is even thinner than the Boker Top Lock II

Funny, this was my first real auto. I used it a lot for the first couple of months. I had just moved back to Texas and was using it to open the packing boxes. It was very light and quick. I liked I could one hand everything.

I did find I had a very hard time putting an edge back on mine. I normally don't have a problem free handing a pretty good razor edge. But not on that one. I tried a couple of the clamp rigs but the spearpoint design made that very difficult.

I also felt the serrations on my 3500s went a little too far up the blade. I did pickup a plain 3500 that I was going to use instead of the serrated. But by then I had a number of other autos with the mini-reflex becoming the daily carry and so this one has never left the display case. I gave the serrated version to my brother as a birthday gift.

All in all, I liked this auto. It's thin profile is very nice. I don't carry an auto any more. I think I was enamored with the excitement of an auto more than anything else. The 'benza now sits in the hip pocket. All the autos are in the display case. And I really haven't seen one lately that makes me want another. Well, maybe that new James Brothers.


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Hey Bubba,
I don't carry my autos that often either. My Sebenza and Wegner Jr. are more fun to open and close anyway.
I used to carry a Stealth 1000 daily and got used to its size. Thats why I'm getting an Umfaan. Same size. 10 X stronger, and it won't frighten anyone.
Funny you mentioned the James Brothers. I have one of those Cheyannes on order.
There's nothing you can do with that clip , though, so I'm just going to have to accept it.
They are really pretty knives.
The Cheyenne really is a super knife. The cllip is really not that objectionable in your hand and doesn't look ugly when clipped to a pocket. I really like the user changeable scales. I'm already planning on making some new ones, just cause I can!
About the 3500, I carried one for a while around the warehouse to open boxes and stuff. I liked it a lot. After about 2 months, the safety button broke -just got real loose and didn't work anymore- but then the knife still did until the spring broke. I think it lasted about 3 months total. Enjoyed it while it lasted. Sharpened it often with every gadget I had.