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BM 45(s) Balisong Questions

Aug 14, 1999
I just picked up a pair of BM 45 Balisongs
at a knive show. The are seconds but I figure
that minor cosmetic blemishs are OK while I
try to learn how to do it ( One nick already! )

Are there any good books/websites or other
Balisong resources that are readily available?

What is a reasonable price to have paid for
these knives ( They have "hidden" pins and
"shiny" metal handles with holes for lightness). One has a half serrated blade the
other has a plain edge. As I recall they are
drop point blades.



[later] I picked up the knives at CKKC in
Lexington for 55$ each. (I guess things are more expensive in Central Kentucky). I found
Clay's site last night and have been working
on the elementary openings and closings...I
could use a red plastic clip on for the blade,
our bandage supply is starting to run a bit
low. I an still a bit baffeled by the "side"
opening. I am a bit leary about spinning the
handle while trying to hang on to the rascal
(and making sure that the sharp edge is facing
metal and not me


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Be sure to check out this site...
I was at a Gun and Knife show in Dayton,OH today and almost bought some 2nd's myself...$45 ea. I looked at them very close and I couldnt see anything wrong with them. Did you go to the CKKC show in Lex,KY ?


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I would personally suggest Jeff Imada's books for beginning to learn bali-song techniques. the illustrations are straightforward and the books don't cost you an arm and a leg. you can find them pretty easily online at amazon.com or any other book store. hope this helps,


Reasonable is in the eye of the buyer. You picked a few winners there. Those are great Bali's, I think you'll enjoy "playing" with them a lot. They sold for about $109 new.

Kdarmy....Thanx for the plug!

Clay G.

Clay's aforementioned site is excellent and features .avi movies of the techniques.

Another good site is Palacio's http://globe.com.ph/~palacio/balisong_online.html

IMHO, the Bali Song 2nds will ultimately be more valuable than the 1sts as collectibles because BM released far fewer of them. So, I strongly suggest against removing the 2nd mark and would actually encourage you to consider not banging 'em up to bad.

My tips for new learners: It's OK to tape the blade at first. Even accomplished artists tape the blade when first learning a new trick. But take the tape off as soon as you're basically comfortable with the knife. You are going to get cut. Fortunately, good knives kept sharp tend to leave nice, clean cuts that hurt surprisingly little and heal up remarkably fast. If you keep the blade taped to long, you'll learn sloppy, bad habits. By the way, cuts do heal faster with Neosporin.

I don't usually tape the blades on my balis, but I always tape the handles and the latch. This is something I haven't seen discussed before. I put one patch of black electrical tape on the outside of the safe handle just below the latch slot. This way, if the latch falls between the handles during an opening, it won't scratch up the safe handle. Then I put three layers of black electrical tape about a 1/5 inch wide around the end of the latch. This way, if the latch falls between the handles during a closing, it won't chip the blade.

On of these day's I'm gonna put pictures of this on my web page, http://www.4cs.net/~gollnick

The best way for a beginner to learn Bali-Song that I have found is Michael Janich's video tape, Mastering the Bali-Song Knife, available through Paladin Press. Well worth the price.