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BM 552 Ritter Griptilian FT

catmath 1911

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Nov 18, 2001
I've got a like new BM 552 Ritter Griptilian I would like to trade. It's a heck of a slicer, but it's not for me. I am looking for one of the following:

Spyderco Manix PE (w/ good lock-up)
BM 520 PE
BM 630 (user is fine)
Buck 880 SP ambi PE
Al mar S2000
Or some other "overbuilt" PE pocket knives.

I can add some cash if necessary, let me know. Forgot to mention that I am going out of town this weekend, (Fri - Sun) So I cannot ship the BM until Monday.


Andrew catmatheny@hotmail.com