BM 690...Here ya go!

Oct 20, 1999
Well, not much I haven't said already...I love the knife; the lines, the materials, the blade configuration...nearly perfect.

I took the puppy to my 204 and let me tell you...DAMN! I thought I was able to get my REKAT sharp! I nearly fileted my arm trying to "shave" some hair off...

Lock is tight, liner crossing the blade at nearly the 50% pt. Blades does sit slight toward the face-side of the knife, of center a little...but it isnt scratching, and I assume loosening with time may straighten it out a bit.

The knife's thin edge cut most things like butter, but I fear it may be TOO thin for anything major...I will have to save the heavy work for my neck knife...PATROLMAN!

The only thing, again, I do not like is that the knife is TOO small. I traded away my 705 because of the blade style and size-almost like a steak knife... (PATROLMAN!!!) I wish the knife was 15% larger and heavier...I have large hands, and I find it difficult to manuever the thumb stud, and to engage the liner one handed.

This knife is a nice piece, and it will go into my jewlery box, along with my custom Viele, LCC, WH, and custom Mini-Stryker. I am a fan of Elishewitz's work, and until I can afford the real thing, this will do JUST FINE.

Steve in NYC

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