BM 705 AND...720

Feb 11, 1999
Just read on the BM Forum...the 705, and the 720 <?!> should start showing up at dealers in late May! Any of you dealers know that? This was posted by the BM Support Team, in answer to questions about delivery of the 705.

Anyone know what the 720 is? Is it a 5 incher?!

Oh yeah. Dang it! I remember now. Anyway, it would be really great if BM is not being absurdly optimistic on the release dates. The guy that wrote the msg on BM Forums said the staff around there has been using the prototypes, and they are "smooth".

I got to play with 705 and 720 prototypes at the Benchamde rep't table at the Pasadena knife show in February. Nice. Covet! Covet! Just don't get too excited about projected release dates, since, in the introduction of a new knife, Murphy's Law is strictly enforced.

Also, if Benchmade follows past practice, storefront dealers who buy direct will get the early production before Internet dealers get any.

The 720 I handled had the clip positioned at the pivot end, rather awkwardly, in my humble opinion. The Axis Lock design seems a bit more friendly to butt-end clips.


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I read that the Pardue/720 blade was supposed to be something like 2.5" long.

Is this correct? The pictures of this knife give me the impression that the blade is at least 3" long, hopefully longer.

James -

I was at a store yesterday looking at the new BM catalogue. The 705 really interests me, but only if it doesn't have a recurved edge. The picture I saw in the catalogue showed a straight edge. Did the one you handled at the Show have a straight edge? This size looks more pocket friendly to me.


While I have the 710, I have yet to be impressed with the way the recurve cuts. Not that it won't, just that I haven't had the chance to prove it. I haven't exactly gone out and tried to test it. However, I would urge you to not be spooked away from the 705 or 710 because of the recurve. It's not that big a deal. Narrower stones, a kitchen steel, or the 'universal' Sharpmaker will make short work of sharpening the recurve. And it certainly doesn't hurt (IMO) the performance of the knife.

Outlaw_Dogboy?? Catchie, I like that name.

Recurve, just doesn't do anything for me. Don't get me wrong. I certainly understand how it can enhance cutting performance. I just don't care for the look. The Emerson Commander looks like a great knife, however, I would never buy one cuz of the recurve. I've read more than a few posts about how some have found it difficult to sharpen. Not to say that it couldn't be done easily with practice. Just not for me.


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