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BM 705....... how good is it ?????

Dec 10, 2000
I am going to buy one of these knives IF everyone here thinks it is a good little pocket knife for everyday carry. A lot of people at the BM forum really like thiers, so I thought I would ask over here since this is a more nutral site. I will only use it for small cutting tasks. My appeal to this knife is that it is a really good size to carry everywhere without getting a lot of attention from people. Thanks for your help.
I have a partialy serrated 705 that I love. Lock up is solid and it fits my hand well even for it's small size. I usually don't like the serrations but it seems to work well on this knife. I use it for many task and the serrations work good for zip ties and small amounts of rope. Mine came with a very good edge that I only needed to touch it up.
I'm usually not comfortable with small knives, but the axis lock gives this knife a very good feeling.
I think you will be happy with one.

I've had my 705 for going on a year now. Its the best small folder I own & I have many.

If this knife were a boat it would be a "Boston Whaler".
I've had one for a few months and it's just a great knife. The blade was fairly sharp out of the box but I touched it up a bit. For me this is just the perfect size knife that has features like the axis lock and G 10 scales that really appeal to me. You won't be sorry if you buy one.
I had a 705 for a very short time. I found it's size to be a hindrance. It was too "floppy" clipped to a loose pocket and often came unclipped and fell out. It was too wide to carry comfortably inside a pocket unclipped. It did not fit my hand well and was awkward to close one handed. In the last instance that made me decide to get rid of it, the lock was accidently disengaged (due to my grip), and I got cut. LOL...other than that, I loved it.
A 705BT was the first knife Ive owned that remained in my pocket every day for over a year and a half. I've replaced it with a 940BT, but it does still get used. The 705 is the first knife with a blade under 3" that I had complete confidence in. I had no hesitation putting my weight on it - the lock simply won't let the blade close up on you without disengaging the lock.

sgtmike88 - can you describe "how the lock was accidently disengaged (due to my grip)"? I don't doubt that it happened, but I've yet to have any of my 7 Axis Locks accidentally disengage. I'd appreciate knowing how it happened, so that I can avoid doing it myself. I've got a lot of trust in the design and I'd had to lose that.


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Probably not the best choice if you have large hands (I don't), but otherwise the BM 705 is as good a knife as you'll find out there for the money. Solid lock-up and it looks smaller that it really is (and thus, less threatening). While my BM 705 is not my usual EDC, it rode clipped to my jeans pocket all week while I was house-hunting in Virginia recently. It's also the only knife I own that I find comfortable for IWB carry.

The edge grind on my BM 705 reflected Benchmade's usual lack of consistency (the bevel ran a bit wide on the curve
), but I got lucky and not only was the knife as sharp out of the box as any of my Spydies, the bevel was actually <40º inclusive.


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In lieu of your curiousity for either the BM 940 Osborne, or an Al Mar SERE manual, in you other thread, may I suggest that you consider the original BM 710? It's a good compromise.

The 705 is a great knife, but consider a 710 if you don't have any medium to large folders in your collection.

The near 4" blade makes it a bit more hefty to carry (although not by much), but it's size also makes it a bit more versatile over it's little bro, the 705.

Inspite of all the newer Axis lines, I still consider the 710 as Benchmade's flagship in the Axis line. Get it in M-2 if you can swing it. I wish I had.
Full Tang Clan I already have a 710 and a 720. I want to get somthing smaller to carry with me to social events were a bigger knife may not be accepted very well. I was thinking of buying the 940 for that but I think I will like the 705 better. Thanks for all of your help and keep it coming.
My opinion's probably null and void since I think the 705's the best pocket knife ever produced, custom or production, but thought I'd poke my head in anyway

The 705 is a fine, fine little folder that is as strong as the day is long (a summer day). I've carried one for nearly two years without one complaint. It's handle to blade ratio is one of the best out there, and the handle's small because it's supposed to be; it's a pocket knife!

Mine has a G10 spacer. I wouldn't like it as much if it had the stock Delrin spacer. If you're as picky as I am, you can replace the spacer with a variety of materials. Most people don't mind.

I would suggest you try a 705S. The partial serrations are actually (IMO) appreciated on a smaller blade like this. But again, I'm not exactly impartial


I thought it was a nicely made little knife but the handle didn't fit my hand at all. I think it was mainly because I have big hands. The last pair of gloves I got were an extra large. If I put my thumb and forefinger on the traction marks of the handle, it left a good bit of my hand hanging out in the middle of nowhere behind the handle. I didn't like how thick it was either. The thickness seemed out of proportion with the rest of the handle.

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I've been carrying and using mine daily fior about 4 months now.......As a dealer I could just go into the cases and pull anything out I want......MT's, Chris Reeves....so forth....but the 705 is what I chose for my left pocket carry. The knife is totally ambidextreous and I can operate it pretty good even tho I am not left handed. I did have the edge touched up as soon as I got it. It was not "razor" out of the box. I am very pleased with the knife so far.

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